Mini Hummus & Labneh Bites

Here you are throwing a dinner at your place and inviting some people over. You’re checking some appetizer recipes online and doing your best to impress. Crackers? nuts? vegetables? dips? Lots of available options out there, so what do you think is best to serve?

Strawberry Banana Sticks with Dark Chocolate

Are you looking for a delicious healthy dessert prepared in no time? Check out our new low-calorie Strawberry Banana Skewers drizzled with melted dark chocolate that will leave you nothing but drooling.

Scallops Salad with Rocca & Red Onions

Looking for some fresh and quick salad ideas for your dinner or your new date? Give our recipe a try!! A scallops salad with rocket leaves and pickled red onions, with a dash of balsamic vinegar…

Chicken Lime Recipe

For all chicken lovers out there (and I know you’re many), a simple and delicious recipe you can easily prepare, loading up on your daily needed protein intake along the way. The chicken breast – your great source of lean protein used in our recipe – is usually…

Seared Tuna with Mango & Avocado

One of the reasons you will fall for this recipe is that not only does it look really appealing, but also tastes amazingly delicious. I would even personally say that if you‘re really looking to cook and impress, this is the right recipe for you…

Cucumber Salmon Rolls

Our first super easy, super fast recipe, and of my favorites as well. These cucumber salmon rolls make it one of the best appetizers to serve, and could be ready in no time. They are considered as very light bites and would leave absolutely zero mess in your kitchen once you’re done. Check it out!!