4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Healthy Meal

Having a healthy meal on the table is sometimes challenging, especially when temptation constantly surrounds us everywhere. However, the problem is that sometimes we THINK we’re having a healthy meal, but…

3 Reasons Why Most Diets FAIL!

Are you on a diet? Is it the first time you decide to diet?
Most probably not.
So why did you fail the first time? And why do you keep on failing over and over again?
Check out these 3 reasons why…

6 Tricks to Avoid Midnight Cravings

Temptations, late night cravings, extra calories, guilt; trust me we’ve all been there. When hunger strikes, it’s going to be really hard to resist indulging that midnight munch. How to avoid all that?

5 TRICKS to Order Healthy When Eating OUT

Restaurants are everywhere, and eating out is becoming a big part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s a lunch ordered at the office, or a dinner out with some friends, it’s never hard to eat what we like and continue to lose weight.
However, let’s face it, temptations are everywhere…

10 Tips To Stay Fit During The Holidays with Relite Clinic

The holidays are here and your schedule is already filled with family obligations, traveling and festive outings. What’s the outcome? All sorts of temptations and treats.
How can we enjoy this special time of year without falling off the wagon?

5 Reasons You’re NOT Fit

You’re eating healthy, hitting the gym regularly, and sweating it off on those cardio machines. You even made an effort in reducing by far your alcohol consumption. You worked really hard, and not only is it time to see some results, but also you feel you deserve to see those results…

Your Top 6 Office Stretches

You work from 9h to 5h, definitely enjoy a long ride in traffic to reach the office, but you never get to leave at 5h, and the way back is even worse during rush hours. Let’s add to that your everyday workplace behavior: Too much bending, staring endlessly at your computer screen, sitting for hours on the same chair. Does it sound familiar? Neck strain, sore shoulders and lower back pain? Now I’m sure we’re on the same frequency…

Sunrise Yoga in the Heart of Beirut

I really couldn’t ask for a better way to start the day: a combination of peacefulness, serenity, the soothing sound of the waves, and the beautiful sandy beach of our lovely Beirut City. Our heavenly location, Ramlet el Bayda’s graceful shore, was the heart of our sunrise Yoga session…