4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Healthy Meal

Having a healthy meal on the table is sometimes challenging, especially when temptation constantly surrounds us everywhere. However, the problem is that sometimes we THINK we’re having a healthy meal; but looking really closely, it might not turn out as healthy as we think!! How so? Let’s take a look:

1- You get seconds or thirds:

A grilled salmon plate with veggies is a great meal choice, but that doesn’t mean you can double or triple your portion size. Try to stick to a single serving to avoid adding up your calories, which means the possibility of ending up in a caloric surplus at the end of the day, leading to an increase in weight.

2- You fail in topping-land:

Most people think that salads are the safest meals when it comes to diet. However, they fail with the wrong topping options. Cheese and bacon might be really tasty, but they won’t be working in your favor. Be careful of the hidden calories you’re spreading on your meal and try to switch to healthier options like cherry tomatoes, olives, basil or even a drizzle of olive oil.

3- Wrong dressing option:

Salad dressings should be seriously taken into consideration, and adding the mayo or the creamy sauce is definitely a no-go. Not only will you be increasing your fat and sodium intake, but your overall calories as well (i.e. 1tbsp of mayo is 94 calories). Therefore, try to avoid the ready-made sauces you buy in stores and switch to homemade healthier sauces.

4- Blowing your calories on drinks:

The chicken kale salad is a good meal to order. But having a soft drink on the side with a couple of refills is definitely not a good option, for these high sugary sodas are definitely jeopardizing your progress. If it’s dinnertime, you better keep the alcoholic beverages in check, the amount of calories hidden in your favorite cocktail might shock you. (Check here the approximate calories of your favorite drinks)


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