3 Reasons Why Most Diets FAIL!

Are you on a diet? Is it the first time you decide to diet?

Most probably not.

So why did you fail the first time? And why do you keep on failing over and over again?

Check out these 3 reasons why!

1 – Your diet is way too strict:

The diet you’re following bans all your favorite foods. You live in constant stress, you decide to deprive yourself and live on chicken & broccoli all day. You boycott eating out and shout on anyone in front of you trying to eat anything you consider ”temptation”.

This might last a couple of days, but when you give in, you’ll end up with all your so-called forbidden foods to make up for days of self-denial. Oh! And you’ll start again on Monday!

2 – You see your diet as a temporary fix:

You may have succeeded to drop a couple of kilos in the past for a special occasion or a certain event. Your friend may have recommended a “certain diet” that made you drop kilos just like magic. However, you returned to your old eating habits directly afterwards and piled the weight back on. Try to avoid looking at your diet as a quick fix, but more of a steady and slow progress towards a permanent and healthier lifestyle.

3- You’re too impatient for results:

When you realize that you’re losing weight at a rate of two to three kilograms a month (which is the normal pace of losing weight), you get frustrated!! What about all those stories of women losing 10kg in one month? What about the guy who got shredded in 4 weeks?

And here you are giving up after a couple of weeks, convinced you’re failing because you’re not losing weight as fast as you thought you’ll be. Keep in mind that companies want their magazines to be sold, and their products to be bought. So, don’t be a victim of the marketing deceptions out there!


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  1. StephJ says:

    Great advice here!


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