6 Tricks to Avoid Midnight Cravings

Temptations, late night cravings, extra calories, guilt; trust me we’ve all been there. When hunger strikes, it’s going to be really hard to resist indulging that midnight munch. How to avoid all that? Check out these awesome tricks that will help you prevent sabotaging your progress.

 1- Increase your Protein & Fiber Intake:

Try to include both protein and fiber every time you eat, especially in your dinner plate. Fiber will make you feel full for a longer period of time and protein will maintain your energy levels high. You can go for beans, peas, low-fat dairy products, lean protein, and others.

2- Keep Junk Food and Sugary Snacks Away:

The best way to avoid eating junk and sugary/fatty snacks is not to bring them at home in the first place. In that case, the only available options will be the healthy ones, you will be “obliged” to eat healthy, and there will be absolutely no guilt afterwards.

3- Eat Dinner a Little Later:

Try to move your dinner time a bit later in the evening, especially if you don’t sleep early. It would be totally fine as long as you still have few hours before going to bed, and just make sure the portion is not too big. This way, you’ll find yourself in bed before having the chance to crave any snack.

4- Eat regularly throughout the day:

Eating regular meals and snacks during the day will help control blood sugar levels. Therefore, if you have fueled up well throughout the day, you will be less likely to crave sugar and fat at night.

5- Plan a healthy night snack:

When you get super hungry, you’re more likely to make poor food choices and munch on high fat/high sugar foods. Solution: Planning ahead.

Some options to consider: one serving of fruit/vegetable, low-fat yogurt, 1 cup of popcorn, handful of nuts, small piece of dark chocolate…

6- Stay Busy:

Most of the times you’re not hungry, you are just too bored. So the best way to avoid midnight cravings is to simply occupy yourself with something else. Pick up a hobby, watch a series, read a book, get out of the house, join a class, or do any other activity that will prevent you from mindless eating.


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