5 things you should NEVER do after a workout

You just finished your last set, you’re completely exhausted, and all you need right now is to shower, eat and rest. However, what you do after your workout is just as important as the workout itself, and there is a list of no-nos that you always have to keep in mind.

What are they? Check out what you should NEVER do after you finish your session.

1- Skipping the cool down:

Giving your body the necessary time to cool down is very important. This step leads both your heart rate and blood pressure to return back to normal. Some suggestions would be using a foam roll, doing some basic yoga moves, or simply cool down 5 to 10 minutes on the treadmill.

2- Forgetting to hydrate:

Most of the times, you forget to drink enough water especially when you’re lifting heavy or attending a cardio class. However, your body needs to replenish the lost water it usually stores, and it is essential to drink a lot of water right after your session to re-hydrate.

3- Skipping the stretch:

Stretching helps you relax and reduces muscle soreness and stiffness. So taking a few moments to stretch after your workout will prevent your muscles from contracting. It will reduce as well the risk of injuries and range of motion limitations.

4- Not refueling right:

Your body just burned a bunch of calories, and it needs energy to repair and refuel itself. Try to stay away from pastries and fast food, and make sure to include quality protein and carbs to recover and feed your muscles, preferably within 20 to 30 minutes post-workout.

5- Staying in your gym clothes:

Even if you didn’t sweat too much, wet clothing is an environment that attracts all sorts of bacteria. Regardless of whether you can shower right away or not, make sure to change your clothes and allow your skin to breathe. This is really about proper hygiene, and if you don’t get out of your sweaty clothes, things might end up really nasty.


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