5 TRICKS to Order Healthy When Eating OUT

Restaurants are everywhere, and eating out is becoming a big part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s a lunch ordered at the office, or a dinner out with some friends, it’s never hard to eat what we like and continue to lose weight.

However, let’s face it, temptations are everywhere. Between fried foods and tempting desserts, it’s always a challenge to choose a healthier option at your favorite restaurant.

Here is why a new collaboration with “Relite Clinic” has been made, and we decided to give you our best 5 tips that will help you make the right choices, without having to worry about eating out or ordering in.


Tip #1: Do not hesitate to ask ANY question to the waiter:

Restaurant menus do not always include a detailed description of the meal you’re ordering; and sometimes, the availability to substitute a side order might not be written. For example, French fries might be the only side order actually listed, but baked potatoes or a fresh salad might also be available. You only need to ask for healthier alternative options.

Tip #2: Fully understand menu terms:

Menu terms that are used to describe how food items are prepared could be sometimes confusing and might lead you to undesired meals. Here’s a brief explanation about some common terms:

  • Gratin, buttered, creamed and stuffed indicate the food items prepared with heavy butter and cream (very high in fat content).
  • Steamed, roasted, broiled and grilled indicate a dry heat cooking method (lower in fat content).
  • Smoked, pickled and cured indicate a high sodium content (increases blood pressure and causes your body to retain water).


Tip #3: Drink water

Drinking water before and through your meal helps you feel fuller at the right time and sometimes prevents you from ordering additional items.

Tip #4: Take a look at the menu ahead

With the current availability of online menus, it is now easier to scan ahead the menu of any restaurant and decide whether they have healthier options for you to choose from. This will also help you to take your time and decide what’s best for you to eat instead of going with what you craved for as soon as you hit the place.

Tip #5: Dare to be picky

Restaurants are always keen on keeping customers satisfied, and making some adjustments to the recipes (when the ingredients are available) is definitely an easy process. Meals can always be customized, so you can switch fried with grilled, and creamy sauces with lighter ones in order to reduce the fat content.


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