Healthy Office Snacks

You’re stuck in the office, hungry, and still have couple more hours to go.

One colleague is devouring dessert, another one just finished his chocolate bar, and here you are doing your best to stick to your diet plan – with a bit of struggle i’m sure.

Trust me, we’ve all been there!!

Temptations are everywhere, and your colleagues are not making it any easier. Sometimes it’s stress, sometimes it’s boredom; maybe a lack of options, or simply a lack of time. Yet, the result remains the same: Mindless Snacking.

Your ultimate solution: Planning and Preparing Ahead.

Fuel your body with quality nutrition, boost your energy levels, and fight your hunger by stocking up on these healthy office snacks.

1- Apple Slices with Peanut Butter:

Apple Peanut Butter.jpg

Slice up an apple and add some peanut butter for a tasty crunch. The small apple is a great source of fiber and carbs for energy, while peanut butter will provide you with healthy fat and protein.

2- Greek Yogurt with Cucumber & Mint:


Rich in calcium and protein, a cup of Fat-free yogurt is one of the easiest snacks to go for. Add some sliced cucumber, chopped fresh mint, a pinch of salt & pepper, few drops of olive oil, and your healthy snack can be ready in no time.

3- Whole grain bruschetta with Tomato and Mint:


Craving for some crunches? Try snacking some multigrain toast instead of a bag of fried ships. Finely chop tomatoes, mint, and onions. Add a dash of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper for a delicious dip on the side.

4- Fresh Veggies with Baba Ghannouj:


Stock up with some fresh veggies like carrots, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes or bell pepper. Try to opt for a Baba Ghannouj dip or any other light dip on the side.

5- Steamed Edamame with Light Soya Sauce:


A combination of protein and fiber makes the steamed Edamame one of the best snacks to go for. Try it with a light soya sauce or simply a pinch of salt.


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