10 Tips To Stay Fit During The Holidays with Relite Clinic

The holidays are here and your schedule is already filled with family obligations, traveling and festive outings. What’s the outcome? All sorts of temptations and treats.

How can we enjoy this special time of year without falling off the wagon? Check out these amazing tips with Relite Clinic that will help you end 2017 differently and hit the New Year strong.

1- Use the “N” Word

Learn to say NO, even when you’re “obliged” to try items that – most of the times – don’t mean anything to you.

2- Start your Day with a Booster

Morning fitness can help you more than you might think during the holiday season, even if you are not a regular exerciser. Try to include a jog, a morning cardio class or even a weight training session in your morning schedule.

3- Be Picky

This season is jam-packed with lunches and dinners. So when you happen to be at one, focus on choosing the food items that you really like, and try to avoid foods that might be repeated in other events or gatherings.

4-Do Not Starve Yourself

If a big dinner is scheduled at night, manage to eat during the day 2 small meals (sandwich, protein salad…) in addition to a small snack that can help reduce your appetite. Starving yourself the whole day will only make you eat anything in huge quantities at night.

5-Satisfy Your Cravings

No matter what food item is in front of you, if you’re craving it, just eat it!! Don’t convince yourself that a lighter option might be wiser; we both know you’re going to eat it eventually : )

6- Send Away Leftovers

There’s absolutely no harm in leaving the main dish’s leftovers for next day’s lunch. However, it is vital to send away any ready-to-eat leftovers, especially items that are easy to binge on like crackers and sweets.

7-Load up with Potassium

Potassium is known to counter the effect of Sodium that can cause water retention and lead you to feel bloated. Potassium is highly present in bananas, kiwis, strawberries and green leafy vegetables.

8- Use Your Scale

Try to weigh yourself around twice a week. The maximum weight you might get in 1 week is 1 kg. Therefore, if you see that gain soon enough on the scale, there’s a 90% chance that this will stop you from gaining any additional weight.

9- Chew Slowly

Eating fast is a recipe for a quick expanded waistline. Focus on eating slowly while you eat, you’ll be able to stop at the right time.

10- Get your system on the move

Try to increase your intake of fruits, vegetables and high fiber foods like whole wheat, bread and cereals. These foods will boost your metabolism and reduce the odds of retaining those extra calories.

Merry Christmas and make the best out of your holidays!!


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