Are You Ordering the Right Drinks at the Bar?

Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner. And while this joyful season is approaching really fast, same thing goes to our alcohol consumption that starts to increase during this time of year: Family dinners, friends visiting from abroad, and the list goes on. So can we still enjoy drinking without gaining those extra pounds and feel guilty the very next day?

What you should know about Alcohol

Alcohol provides 7 calories of energy per gram. Protein and carbs have only 4 calories per gram, while fat goes up to 9. Therefore, for a cocktail of 15 grams of alcohol, you are getting 105 calories from alcohol alone, not to mention the extra calories from carbs and fat coming from the other ingredients in your drink.

Another example is a 4oz (120ml) of a daiquiri or margarita mix that can contain up to 35 grams of sugar, and that’s 7 teaspoons of simple and refined sugars, which is the worst kind of calories.

How Alcohol could be messing with your body

Unlike protein, carbs and fat, alcohol cannot be stored in the body. So removing it from our system will take preference over the regular body functions. This will result in an interruption of the fat burning process, leading to a potential weight gain.

In addition to that, alcohol increases our tendency to munch unhealthy food and snacks while having drinks, especially the fatty and greasy ones. Not to mention the after party eating at 3am before heading straight home to bed.

Calories are adding up pretty much fast, and I’m sure by then you won’t be in a state of counting.

What drinks are you ordering at the bar?

Take a look at some of the drinks you usually order from the waiter, along with their approximate nutritional value:

Beer: 140 Calories

Vodka Seven up: 160 Calories approx. (Depending on the brand-for 25ml Vodka)

Margarita: 450 Calories (230 ml)

Pina Colada: 330 Calories (180 ml)

Long Island Ice Tea: 320 Calories (180 ml)

Red/White Wine: between 80 and 110 (Depending on level of sweetness)

Johnnie Walker Black Label: 100 Calories (50 ml)

Tips to minimize the calories

– Choose lower calorie ingredients to your drink like diet soda, tonic, light cranberry or lemon juice.

– Try to stay away from cocktails. You might be shocked by the amount of calories they hide.

– Focus more on drinks on the rocks like whiskey. On the other hand, wine is an excellent choice for a low calorie drink.

– Try to eat a healthy good meal prior to going out. This will reduce unhealthy snacking, and you’ll avoid drinking on an empty stomach.

To wrap it up

Yes, you can drink alcohol and lose weight at the same time, as long as you’re smart about it. Two major things to consider are calories in alcohol and alcohol content. Alcohol by itself won’t make you fat, but additional calories you’re consuming will. So drink moderately, choose your drinks wisely and drink responsibly. More importantly: Don’t drink and drive!!



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