5 Reasons You’re NOT Fit

You’re eating healthy, hitting the gym regularly, and sweating it off on those cardio machines. You even made an effort in reducing by far your alcohol consumption. You worked really hard, and not only is it time to see some results, but also you feel you deserve to see those results.

Unfortunately, there is something missing, and you’re not satisfied with what you’re looking at.

Take a look at the reasons that are keeping you away from your goals. Chances might be they are the answers to your frustration, or the explanation behind your plateau.

1- You Don’t Pump Heavy Enough:

Sweating, heavy breathing, increase in heart rate; all these are signs of a high intensity workout. Heavy weight training increases levels of anabolic hormones, improve inter-muscular coordination, and promote muscle definition. Don’t be scared to add weights, increase sets or reps, and always push your limits.

 2- You Over Eat Healthy:

Sweet potatoes, raspberries, almonds and salmon are all healthy foods. However, even the healthiest of the foods are not calorie free, and still can make you gain weight if you don’t manage well your intake.

 3- You Only Do Cardio:

Cardio is great and burns a lot of calories, yet doesn’t do much for your muscles. In fact too much cardio can lead to muscle loss. Try to complement your jogging and cardio classes with strength training. Focus on building muscle mass, increase your metabolism, and enjoy your post-workout caloric burn.

 4- You Don’t Get Enough Sleep:

Sleep is the time when your brain and body is recovering from your whole day activities. During that time, most of your growth hormone (GH) is produced and appetite-stimulating hormones are being regulated.

 5- You Miscalculate Hidden Calories:

Having a salad at lunch might not always be a healthy choice. Veggies are low-cal, but fatty dressings, bacons and crouton will increase your calories quickly. Learn about the food you’re consuming, for these hidden calories can really screw up your progress.


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  1. NK says:

    Very rewarding, thanks maher!


    1. you’re more than welcome!! 🙂


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